Colourette Swatches: A Little Color Here and There

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

I have a few Coloursticks and before it'll run out quick enough soon, thought I should blog about them. 
It's no secret that I really love make-up and experiment looks by painting them on my face. But having a job that doesn't required to have my face all glam up, the most essential thing aside from fixing my eyebrows everyday is putting on a lipstick. But I'd rather have my face painted and all for a perfect selfie. So I decided to pull of a new look that I got the idea from watching Youtube videos, the Instagram baddie make-up. But to add a little of my personality, I decided to put on my favorite DIY flower crown. Para pabebe (lol). ;)

Honestly, I'm no pro of all these make-up stuff but I don't think we need a proper training to tell which is Yay or Nah. But lemme try to feel kikay geeky on this post.

Great Color
I never settle for one swipe because I like my lip stained with bold colors but I guess these lippies are sort of one exemption. Why? Because it's very pigmented, like duh, what is subtle? It is not like the others that you need to swipe religiously to get the exact shade. With Colourette, you get what you paid for with just a single swipe.

Luxury Pretty Packaging
I personally love the packaging. I think black looks really good in every packaging of any kind of make-up. As a consumer, I always look first on the packaging. Of course my eyes would go straight for the attractive ones. It somehow gives me an impression about the product. Though I know it's not  the most important thing but I like it insta-worthy and show them to my friends.

Creamy Matte Finish
What's hot on the lipstick trends right now? It's the matte finish. This is unlike the liquid lipsticks that all dries and crack up your whole lips. What I like about the creamy matte finish is that my lips felt so moisturized but without getting butter-ish. 

Sounds confusing? I've already tried a matte liquid lipstick and it'll seriously dries your entire lips. I don't know how to explain it right, but like what I said it has a creamy matte finish so it's a little glossy but not too much like a legit gloss that shimmers and all. It has a subtle gloss, a tiny little bittle of creamy feeling that moisturize your lips.

It is seriously long-lasting. I have quite a hard time putting a lot of petroleum jelly on my lips and arms after the swatch party to remove the lipsticks. So even though, I have completely wiped them out, a color stain still remains. Amaze-balls!

Multi-Functional and healthy for your lips!
  • Vitamin C re-textures and protects the lips
  • Vitamin E provides extra lip nourishment and elasticity
  • Collagen reduces the appearance of lip lines and wrinkles
  • Hyaluronic Acid rehydrates and plumps dry damaged lips
  • Jojoba Oil reduces dryness and irritation of chapped lips
  • Grapeseed Oil works as an anti-oxidant and gives the lips a healthy glow
  • Avocado Oil gives an extra dose of skin-softening nutrients
  • Shea Butter nourishes for smooth and supple lips

Here's a photo to sum up all the six shades that I got. 

If you can see, there's a white-colored lippie which is the Uno. Its a lip primer that is an ideal lip base that naturally protects, soothes and nourishes lips for a flawless canvass prior colouring --giving you a healthy sexy lips and glamorous lipstick longevity. 

To fully visualize the color of each lipstick, I have them edited and pinned over a background with color that matches the Coloursticks' shades.

Let's start the swatch party!

Chelsea - the totally perfect nude

.Bethany - I so love this shade. A combination of nude and earth colors.

Charlotte - the funky electric pink shade that is truly pigmented, I had a hard time to wipe it out. Not complaining at all.

Maui - a bright shade perfect for a sunny bright day. I love it!

Petra - the true red.

Persia - the kind of red shade that I prefer to wear everyday. Not too bright yet not too dark.

I love every shades actually, the nudes and the reds are my total favorite. So yeah, I'm not really a fan of pink shades (I'm referring to Charlotte) because I think it doesn't compliment that good on my skin tone unlike the rest of the Coloursticks.

Hope you enjoyed reading my post! :)
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For now, they're only available online but if you're interested to buy, Colourette is available on Zalora (You may use this code and get a sitewide discount of 15% off - ZBAPQDXN) or find a reseller near you.

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