Eyebrow Embroidery Experience | Fleek Eyebrow & Beauty Clinic Review #KilayGoals

Sunday, August 14, 2016

#EyebrowsOnFleek or should I say #KilayGoals for all my Filipino readers out there, is like a major thing in the beauty world most especially to us girls.

Celebrities and online influencers have been setting this #EyebrowsOnFleek trend, a lot of people are trying to be like them and that includes me. For a girl who's eyebrows that are so thin, undefined, and with no directions at all, I have mastered the art of drawing my brows literally everyday. I definitely cannot go out without fixing my brows, it's like my life depends on it. And I'm not kidding at all. It's my life! (Lol, exaggerating). But they say it's the brows that gives structure to your face, and I absolutely agree with it.

If you've seen my make-up videos, you can barely see my brows. Just like what Bretman said, "your eyebrows can't get cancer, so go fill them in b*t#h!" So yass, but drawing them using your brow gels and all are so damn yesterday, so I've been watching a lot of videos about brows and the embroidery is the newest, trendiest technique that is definitely a must-try for all brow enthusiast just like me.

So what's eyebrow embroidery? This is a kind of semi-permanent tint with define lines that looked like natural hair strands. I'm so glad that this technique have been brought to Philippines already. It's most commonly known in Singapore and Malaysia, and it spreads so fast and finally growing here and to other Asian countries.

On this post, I'm going to share to you my eyebrow embroidery experience that was done by the awesome, life saver Fleek Eyebrow And Beauty Clinic. I'll leave the branches locations, prices and contacts at the end of this blogpost.

For complete demo, watch this video.

I'll be explaining the details of my experience more below!

So first, Ms. Jane Pecson, the one who did my fantastic "FeatherBrows", put an anesthesia cream. It's color white but it will turn brownish after 30 minutes.

Defining your brows needs some accurate measurement, to achieve the perfect shape!

And so the embroidery begins. She's like drawing fine lines that will look like real hairs. Though she applied an anesthesia, the process isn't painless at all. But it is not that kind of pain that you can't bear of course. It's absolutely tolerable! #TiisGanda

She used a kind of pen-looking tool with a unique blade at the tip of it and a colored-gel. The colors of your brows may depend on what shade do you want it to be, but of course Ms. Jane will give her suggestion that may suit you the best. The shade should compliment the color of your hair, at least one shade darker, she said.

The blade actually scared me a little but rest assured, it is not the kind of pain you can't bear. The tingling sensation builds more as the blade strokes on the middle part of my brows.

It depends if you'll undergo a 2-rounds of filling in the strands. As with my experience, the second round is just to correct parts that wasn't filled in or in case I want an adjustments on the shapes of my brows.

Another 30 minutes of waiting until she removed the excess color pigments.

And tadaaa! Here's the result of my eyebrow embroidery experience. I can't believe that I finally can see myself waking up in the morning, looking at the mirror, having an instant dark arches without using brow tools. So for everybody who has insecurities because of their quite very thin and almost none visible brows, there is hope, a safe way to achieve whoever's your peg for eyebrow goals!

I hope this post helps you to stop hesitating or throw away your second thoughts and consider try embrow embroidery. I absolutely love the result! Thanks Fleek Eyebrow And Beauty Clinic for the great service, I am extremely happy and very satisfied!

Prices (Inclusive of 2 sessions):
  • Browlift - Php 7,990
  • FeatherBrows - Php 9,990
  • BoldBrows - 11,990

Clinic Branches:

(Temporary Clinic)
  • AIC Burgundy Tower Ortigas

(Opening this September)
  • Mega Plaza Building, Ortigas across Robinson's Galleria
  • M-Place Condominium beside ABS-CBN

Contact Person:
  • Ms. Jane Pecson
  • 0918 985 2134

Follow Fleek Eyebrow And Beauty Clinic on:
PS: I will be updating you about how my brows turn after a few days, weeks and until my next session.


  1. Replies
    1. Wow! Is there such a thing as Eyebrow transplant now? But I'm happy with the results of my Eyebrow Embroidery, I don't think I need a transplant. Lol :)

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  3. Do you need to avoid washing your face/eyebrows for a certain period after the procedure?

    1. You need to keep your eyebrows away from water or toner for about 24 hours. :) For my case, I didn't wash my hair to avoid direct contact from any liquids. My tip is to do not put too much makeup before the procedure so you could just use makeup remover to clean your face. :)

  4. How long was the procedure? My mom is interested in eyebrow microblading. I'm just kinda little bit worried because of her age hahaha.

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