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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

A lazy bum like me and my months late Boracay posts. I know it's already the rainy season here in the PH, but I just feel posting my summer adventures just now.

As I recall my happy moments, I'd like to share my feeling 'donya' stay in Astoria Current Hotel. Just a brief info guys, there are 2 Astoria Hotels in Boracay. One is in station 1 called the Astoria Boracay Hotel while the other one (where we stayed) is Astoria Current.

Shall we start the hotel tour? 

I was so sleepy and quite irritated on our first day since Jeff and I were not alone in this trip. We have my brother, sister-in-law, and Jeff's brother - and it's their first time. While this (Jeff and I) was our second time. So let's say we're their some sort of tour guides. 

Our flight was delayed so we arrived at our hotel around 3 o'clock in the afternoon, nearly few hours til the magical sunset show. I've looked up on the internet of pictures of Astoria Boracay because I thought we'll stay there , but we're informed that we'll stay at Astoria Current and that's how I knew that there are 2 Astoria Hotels in Bora.

As I've mentioned, we stayed at Astoria Current. Knowing that it's located at Station 3 which is the most busiest station. But no problem guys, Current is far bigger than the Boracay. It's just that the location though, that people think that there's a huge difference between the two hotels. 

Arriving at the port, we're fetched by their air-conditioned van. Greeted by their friendly helpers and receptionists, all smiles at us while me, I wander around the white walls and cool furnitures.

We had our welcome drinks before we went to our room.

And tadaa, so here's our room! Since we're a group of five and there's only two beds, they have provided one single bed that perfectly fitted in our room. I just have to say, the room was so cozy, I could decide to sleep in it the whole day. 

I love their roomy bathroom by the way. Perfect huge mirror for such a vain girl like me. Here's more photos I took right away before everything became so messy.

So this green container is for our used clothes. We don't have a veranda or window, so you might be curious where did we hang our wet clothes to dry up. So Astoria offers a free dryer service, where you'll just dial up the receptionist and their staff will fetch your wet clothes. Only your swimming clothes are allowed for this dryer service.

Mandatory mirror selfie.

They're complete with all the bathroom necessities. Though I brought my own liquid soap, shampoos and conditioners, but the hotel provided 'em all. Also tissues and toothpaste.

So this how messy our room after dropping off our stuff. They also have microwave, heater, blow dryer and of course cable TV.

The Infinity Pool - I've never seen a glass swimming pool before, so you can imagine how excited I am to see this! Ang sosyal mamshie!

Photo below shows that the infinity pool is upfront the dining area and then the beach! 

The breakfast buffet was absolutely perfect! Everything you want was served, either you're a rice-lover, cereals, fruits, and of course, who doesn't love bacon? Unli-bacon!

(Infused Water)

(Cereals, Bacon, Bread Area)

And while everyone is out partying, you can have a dip on this stunning color-changing pool at night!

Our stay here was sponsored by SM Accessories as inclusive for the prize that I won from their Instagram giveaway. To be honest, this is by far the best and luxurious hotel that I've been to. And if ever I'll have the extra budget, I'm definitely going to book a room in this hotel! Yep, with my own money. 

It may be pricey, yes, but the service you'll experience + the food is definitely worth that extra moolah. We stayed here last LaBoracay 2016(April 30-May 2) btw.

Love Always, 
Maria Hazel

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