Armani: King of Design

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Giorgio Armani - King of Design
From plain gentlemen's suits into an elegant art form, this is just one of the talent of Italian fashion giant- Giorgio Armani. He makes every modern man feel confident aside from making them look good with the right choices from the color, texture of the clothes to the meticulous tailor-made details. With his timeless taste and the brand's exceptional quality, Hollywood A-list celebrities such as Leonardio DiCarpio and Russel Crowe are always seen wearing Armani suits at every red-carpet events. 

Girogio Armani has been ruling the fashion industry for more than 40 years already. Hailing the Italian designer's oeuvre, Armani has become unstoppable to rule across the globe as his brand's extending to produce and design luxury interior furnishings.

Armani/Casa exclusively designs to private clients and property developers who seek for customized areas that represents the brand's aesthetics that are sophisticated yet comfortable, stylist yet eternal. Their timeless designs have been praised by everyone in the fashion and design industry. Aside from its visually appealing designs, it represents the true standard of timeless pieces that shows the both classic and modern principles.

The Philippine market have been interested to fashion for the last few years and started recognizing its value and significance when it comes to quality and design. The continuous flow of foreign brands coming over have risen giving us access to world-class standards of design. The market's preferences doesn't limit only to fashion and design. Physical landscape, architecture and building structures have also caught their interest. Like Singapore and progressive Dubai, Manila's urban sphere has started to build groundbreaking structures also.

As structure design on buildings have entered the urban Manila, an interplay of residential havens and commercial spaces have established, founded by Armani/Casa's team, which is called the Century Spire. Applying the Italian designer's sleek, modern and timeless aesthetic, the structure aimed to uplift one's experience to its utmost potential in the consistently innovating Makati's skyline. It's a sign that the city's ready for new direction in fashion and design. No doubt, Armani/Casa will only confirm what people have known all along: its founder Giorgio Armani is a design king

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