Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Behind Colourette Cosmetics' #MorenaLove Campaign.

Wooo. I've never been into one place where all I can see are girls like me, with that the same feature, tanned skin a.k.a morena. When I was young, I was bullied and teased a lot because of my skin color. Actually, I realized that I won't have probably got conscious and insecure about my skin before if people  would have never planted into my mind that morena isn't pretty. Admit it or not, there are times that some people finds white and bright skin more attractive here in our country. So there are a lot of whitening products that even myself tried just to blend in with the 'norm',

But then as I grew up, I finally have accepted it. Besides, foreigners were lusting over to have a permanent tan that I was naturally born with. So if you're a morena, and you're still taking those whitening pills, you still have time to get rid of those and start loving your own skin. Just think about Beyonce, Ariana Grande, Rihanna and Mariah Carey as your celebrity inspirations. Haha. O'diba bongga! :)

#MorenaLove campaign is the recent collection of Colourette Cosmetics, -a local cosmetic online brand that just turned 1 year last September and now making a blast into the industry of beauty. I am so proud to represent as an ambassador of Colourette Clique and being part of this campaign makes me proud of myself, my fellow morena girls and the brand. It's a from of self-acceptance with my own features and just be confident about it. It also gives awareness to all, that morena is beautiful.

So what happened during the shoot? Guys, I've never been into an actual photoshoot. Like literally with a professional photographers and with make-up artists to do my face. So this like a day of being a moWdel. Haha! :) I was really excited about that day, so here are some behind-the-scenes shots I took.

100 morena models, 10 photographers and 10 make-up artists. And here are my groupmates, we're Team Wet Look!

DIY-ing our Morena Love shirts

Busy nila 'no?

Me without make-up 

The #MorenaLove shades. From L-R:  Roswel, Roma, Portia, York (swatches soon!)

Photographers, models and make-up artists on action.

Wearing York! Love how unique this color from the other Coloursticks shades. 

I suck at wacky pose (coz I'm the only one who's really making an ugly face, haha!)


Photographer: Juro Ongkiko
Make-up Artist: Christine Carolino
#MorenaLove Colourstick Shade: York

Colourette Cosmetics. BeIT. BeYou.

Love Always,
Maria Hazel

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