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How about we talk about my painless underarm hair removal experience?
My unshaven underarm may look gross but it's the real thing that we, girls, are quite very shy to talk about. Let's admit it, clean, no hair underarms boost up confidence!

As an ordinary working girl, all I know is to wax my underarm hair all by myself every once a month. And for that, I prefer wearing clothes with sleeves to hide my underarms. My underarms weren't that dark nor too bright. I think almost everyone is experiencing the same thing.

I stopped plucking and shaving because it made my underarm dark and formed chicken skin. I once used tweezers when plucking my underarm hair when I was in high school. But as I religiously pluck, I noticed that it forms chicken skin. Since then, I decided to stop and start using shave instead. But that made some parts of my underarms dark. The uneven skin tone and chicken skin was my problem.

To tell you honestly, I only do underarm waxing once every month so you can imagine how long my underarm hairsss look like (well, look at my "before" photo above, haha). It even came to the point that its 1 inch long! (Lol, I ain't kidding gurl.) But guys, I make sure I don't have smell aka jabar, putok or whatsoever. I'm just so lazy to wax it off.

Waxing and plucking using tweezers are just the same thing, you'll still get those annoying chicken skin. It's just that waxing is better and a more convenient way to instantly get rid of those hairs.

Okay, let's go to the main point of this post. Introducing you the latest technique of hair removal treatment, the NANO LASER PAINLESS HAIR REMOVAL TREATMENT by Fleek Eyebrow and Beauty Clinic. 

First, I'd like to remind you that this is only my very first session, meaning, the results are not that flawless. It's not an instant one time big time "no chicken skin" magic okay? I was told by the their staff that the number of sessions that you need to undergone may depends on the type of underarm that you have. Usually, she said it might reach up to 6 or 10 sessions to achieve the bonggang flawless and smooth underarm + no hair forever! Revolutionary mga bes! Kabog!

Yep, you read it right, forever no underarm hair! I will explain further while I discuss the procedure, so keep on reading. :)

They're going to shave your underarm hair first. But before that, they'll put on some cream. I think it helps to shave the excess hair smoothly. I like that the staff has light hands, it feels like the blade of the shave is tickling me. 

If you go over the top photo on this post, the "during" photo of my underarm was taken after this step. Just like the normal way of shaving, the roots of the hair is still intact, forming tiny dots and rough sand-like surface on your underarms.

Putting some goggles to protect my eyes from direct exposure to the laser..

Then they're going to put on some cream again and starts doing the nano laser. The major target for this treatment is to destroy the hair follicles and get rid of chicken skin and achieve permanent hair removal, plus it whitens your underarm. 

During rounds of rubbing the device onto my underarms, the device heated up a multiples times which is normal. I was told by their staff that I should tell her to stop rubbing if the device gets too hot. I tried to count how many times she did for each underarms, but I lost count, I think its 10 times for each underarm. They have a target amount to apply on your underarms which is monitored by the nano meter. And oh, its quite a ticklish session. Haha :)

And voila! That's it. The process only last for 30 minutes and very simple. Just shave, put on some cream, and multiple rounds of nano laser device and we're done. My first session finished that fast! And I am so happy with the result! Just look at my 'kilikili'! OMG, the chicken skin was reduced! Plus I can't see thick roots sand-like hair no more. :D

Can't wait for my next session! The laser treatment has a 4-5 weeks interval. My treatment was done last month but I decided to observe the effect first before posting this review so I can add some things that you might want to know.

Did it really reduced your chicken skin?
     - Yeah. Just look at my before and after photo. ;)

Do you still have underarm hair after your first session?
     - Yup! Just like what I said, this is not a one-time-big-time magic. You need to undergo to several number of sessions depending on what type of underarm situation you have.

How's your underarm right now?
     - One month after my first session, I can say that my underarm hair is not as thick as before. Plus they don't grow that fast. Honestly, I haven't shaven or waxed my underarm until now but it doesn't look like a total grassy field anymore. Haha. It's only grew half the inch in just one month unlike the previous 1 inch. Lol! :D Improving!

How much per session? Do they have a package promo?
     - Php 1,500 per session
     - Php 5,000 package/10 sessions

I think getting a single session is fine if you don't have the cash for the package. Remember, the session has a 4-5 weeks interval so you can still save up money for the next. 

But its much wiser to get the package though! Sobrang tipid na yun bes. Perfect treat for yourself. Sakto sa 13th month pay. Hehehe! ;)

For clinic inquiries, visit the ff. social media links:
  • Mega Plaza Building, Ortigas across Robinson's Galleria
  • M-Place Condominium beside ABS-CBN
Contact Person:
  • Ms. Jane Pecson
  • 0918 985 2134
I am very very very satisfied with my first session! Can't wait for the next next next session and achieve that permanent no underarm hair! If you have additional questions, don't hesitate to comment here. :) Hope you like my review, til my next one! 

Love Always,
Maria Hazel


  1. Waiting for your next update =) I'll try yung package kase super tipid na siya, hoping na effective din siya saken =)


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  3. I would like to ask for an update. How's your underarm since your last session? How many sessions did you undergo? Thank you.

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  7. This is such a great resource that you are providing and you give it away for free. I love seeing websites that understand the value of providing a quality resource for free. It is the old what goes around comes around routine.

  8. Is 1500 for both underarms? I tried my first session and I paid 4500 for 8 sessions. Medyo nagtaka po ako kasi akala ko for 1 session lang yung babayaran ko. Thank you.



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