Ombre Mermaid Hair with Azta Urban Salon, Mckinely Hill

Monday, December 19, 2016

Mermaid hair goals unlocked! Thanks to Azta Urban Salon for making this dream come true.
I think I'm going to get obsessed with trying out different colors from time to time especially now that I've already got my hair colored into something really unusual, blue and gray!!! Thanks to Azta Urban Salon, Venice Grand Canal, Mckinley Hill branch for making this possible. Of course I'm going to share with you guys my hair transformation experience!

This time last year, I had my first hair transformation which is the balayage. So I already have a little information on the process to achieve bright colors such as blue, pink, gray, or to have them on pastel tones. Originally, I planned to get a grandma's hair but since half of my hair was only bleached once, it's not achievable. I was told my Ms. Diane of Azta that I need to get at least 3 bleaching process to achieve the gray color. Take note, it still depends on the level of bleached hair, so I think it might take up to 5-10 bleaching process to achieve granny/silver gray hair.

This was my hair before getting into bluish gray. I colored my hair a reddish tone, I think last July? (not so sure) and it only lasts for one month and turned to brown which leads to get my hair looked like on the above photo.

I love Azta Urban Salon's interior so much. It's spacious and clean. The vibe of a place where you get yourself pampered is really important nowadays. More like it should be instagrammable for millenials you know. Haha! But seriously, it really does matter, don't you think?

Ms. Diane was explaining to me the bleaching process. Oh and by the way, the hair coloring session lasted for 4 freaking hours. Actually, she advised that it may take up to 6-7 hours if my hair can manage to pull off three bleaching session. Which it didn't happen because my hair can't take more chemicals. 

Though they are using the very famous salon tool -Olaplex when bleaching hair, it's actually bad to get more than one bleach but I insisted to push it thru. I am pretty confident with the bleaching because they mentioned Olaplex. If you know @guy_thang on Instagram, you've probably read about the Olaplex thing and how it works.

Olaplex is a bond multiplier that dramatically reduces breakage from chemical services on all hair types. Bleaching actually destroys the bonds on your hair so if you'll get (over)bleaching without olaplex, it may cause to break your hair strands easily resulting to lots of split ends or even worse.

So the hair coloring process begin! I had 2 bleaching session only so the grandma's hair was not achievable so I opted to get a mix of dark gray and blue green.

I was sitting stiffly for damn good an hour for each bleaching session because I was literally stuck on the chair. Just look at those plastics! Haha! Hirap magpaganda bes, tiis ganda talaga! Haha

They used high-quality hair products for hair coloring especially that they highlight their funky coloring service. Hair stylists said that they used L'Oreal hair color products for my hair.

Oh my gawwdd! Just look how light my hair had become! I swear if ever my hair color fades, I'm going to love it still! Haha. But I might change into different color right away. :)

Coloring my hair a mix of blue green and grey was quite tricky for them, so I had my hair done by two people. Ms. Diane is the lead, while Ms. Maricar is her assistant. They did a test first on the partial part of my hair so I can see what it looks like being applied. So just in case I don't like the color, I can choose another one. That's very convenient especially if you're having second thoughts on the color that you chose first. Bravo Azta Urban Salon! :)

And tadaaaa! Here's the result! A mermaid hair!!! *screamss*

Thank you so much Azta Urban Salon for giving life to my mermaid hair dream. I didn't let them to chop off my hair because I really wanted to try playing and experiment with my long locks.

Here are some points you'd probably curious about:

Where did you get your hair done? 
     -Azta Urban Salon, Venice Grand Canal, Mckinley Hill Branch
     -Stylist: Ms. Diane with assistant Ms. Maricar

How much?
     -It depends on the type of hair color that you'd like to achieve and your hair length. Mine is a combination of funky shades -metallic (Php 9,500) and -bright shades (Php 5,500) + hair color brand - Loreal (Php 2,800). The price that I've mentioned is for long hair, so if you have shorter hair than mine, the price is of course, lower than what I've mentioned. 
If you have a peg, you can show it to them first and let them assess if its achievable for the current hair that you have. 

Did the process took so long or not?
     -It took 4 and a half hours to get my hair done because the process includes 2 bleaching session. This is not applicable to everyone okay? It all depends on your current hair situation so let them check it first and show your peg photo. :)

     -Damn yes! I am super duper satisfied. Azta Urban Salon is the right choice for that hair color fix. This is my first time to try funky colors so if you're also thinking of coloring your hair as bold as mine, go for it! It's cool to be a little different. Besides striking hair color is such a scene stealer! Haha Just enjoy the attention. lol :D
They also offer other salon services guys, so better check 'em out to know more!

How's your hair after the process?
     -My hair is dandy fine! You just need to take an extra care for it because funky colors are very high maintenance. 

Okay, that's all folks! If you have any questions, just leave your comment down below. Hope you love my review. 'Tis the right time to treat yo'self especially if you still don't know what to do with your 13th month and bonus pay! Hahaha :)

Check out their social media accounts:
Instagram: @aztaurbansalon
Facebook: Azta Urban Salon

Love Always,
Maria Hazel


  1. Hi! Usually, how long does it take before the color starts to fade? I'm actually planning to get my hair done but after throughout inquiries (including Azta Urban) the color that I wantend tends to fade fast. I just wanna know from someone who've done it how actually the color stays. Thank you!

    1. Hi Jenny! Funky colors usually fades after one to two months after the coloring sessions. It doesn't matter what Salon will do it, hair colors like blue, grey, green and etc. fades faster than the usual brown shades. :) I suggest you use dry shampoo to make the color last longer. And don't wash your hair everyday. :)

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