Althea Korea Haul - Holiday Box

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Because Korean Beauty products is everywhere!

Unboxing my Althea PH holiday box that I got from my xmas shopping galore! Getting obsessed with K-beauty products lately because aside from its cute packaging, the product itself is really good! I love trying out different make-up products so I can test whichever brand is better. Sometimes its just because I'm a K-drama addict, I wanna try those beauty stuff I saw when I'm watching. Lels. My skin isn't that sensitive so I am not prone to allergies or rushes that some people usually experience because of trying new products.

I was about to get those special holiday boxes but it was sold out so fast! Proving that I am not the only one obsessed with K-beauty products. Haha! Hooray co-Kbeauty lover! I carefully picked these babies that I scored at a very low price. Althea have launched a MOBILE APP already that is available on Android and IOS, they offered a special discount code worth P300 so I added more items! What a steal!

Trick to get discounts? Always check the slider that they have on their website or app (you should definitely download it! For me it's more convenient to shop in there), because there are special discount codes or FREE product that you just need to add on your cart! I think some people don't look at those sliders so you better check it out next time. ;)

So lets see what I got this time. 

This is like a high-end brand in Korea, I saw Song Hye-Kyo using this on Descendants of The Sun. Hahaha. Koreanovela fanatic! :D I'm going to make a review soon. I'm not sure how bb cushion works for me because I gave the first one to my sister. But I heard this is the best product for hiding your pores and easy application.

I tried wearing this glittery eyeshadow already and I love it! It's very pigmented too and not that kind of glitter that falls off easily. It has a slightly damp texture so it really sticks on your eyelid very well. 

I love the lightweight effect on my face every time I used this. At first I wonder why is that there are no shades to choose from this product but upon reading the description, I found out that it's a translucent powder. For me, this powder gives a mattifying finish on your face and avoid excessive oiliness. 

This is the FREE product that I mentioned. I saw on the sliders that they're giving away this product. I'm quite curious how does it becomes a giveaway, so I tried to add this product on my cart and I'm amazed that it showed a price of Php 0.00! I don't really have an intention to purchase this as I have way too many brow pencils (because #kilayislife! haha), but who doesn't want a freebie right?

I haven't tried this yet but I would love to try a different primer. This is on sale for 72% off, so I grabbed it right away! I would also make a review of this product soon.
Ever since I used a primer before putting a make-up, everything has changed! (Taylor Swift?? Charot! Haha) My make-up becomes nicer and smooth looking. 

I needed a go-to contour make-up and I think this is perfect! I don't need to bring a palette that I have to handle extra carefully not to break on my pouch every time I have to go overnight somewhere. It's quite pigmented and it has a powdery effect when you blend it. Perfect for an oily face like mine!

I've been using this for weeks now and it helps my scalp from getting dry. My scalp situation isn't good right now as it always get really dry forming flaky skin. I've used so many products already but it doesn't work. I heard using apple cider vinegar would help but I don't have much time for that. As long as I saw this on Althea, I added it on my cart quickly because this product is always sold out! 

That's all I've got. I promise to review some of the products that I got to share some tips with you guys! :) These K-beauty products was ordered thru 

Love Always,
Maria Hazel


  1. your Work is so attractive .I like your Custom boxes designs .I also work with iCustom Boxes as a desginer Since 2 years.

  2. I love everything about this haul ��