Back to the '80s Outfit + STORY TIME

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

How to wear the '80s trend in a more 'fashionable' way! + STORY TIME
So these photos were taken during our company's Christmas party that has a theme "Back to the '80s" last December 2016. Not everyone was wearing a total '80s outfit like me, so you can imagine how agaw-eksena I was that time but wapakels because I really want to win the 'Star of the Night'. Hahaha. Famewhore? No, sayang cash bes. (Ah, mukhang pera, whatever.) Hahaha

Before we jump into my story-time, let me tell you first how did I pulled off this outfit and made it stand out. When I was googling about the trends on the '80s, the photos that kept poppin' up was the aerobics/gym outfit. The colorful (almost neon) tights with one piece swimsuit on top thingy. But I don't wanna wear that SOOOO jologs outfit so I searched for '80s celebrity fashion trend. And here's the list that you should get if you want to achieve the complete retro vibe.
  • Frilly Skirts - it's hard to find tutus on malls for adults so better check on the children's section and pick the extra large (whatever size fits on you)
  • Colorful Top and Socks - get those neon colored ones as much as possible and the more contradicting the colors, the better.
  • Leather Jacket - I think this will add a more edgy vibe on your look
  • Fish Net Stockings and Gloves - I don't know why but 80s outfit is obsessed with these things. Especially the neon colored ones. 
  • Accessories - get all those colorful, gold, metallic bracelets and heavy dangling earrings.
And voila! Back to the 80's retro vibe complete! Remember, 80's fashion was the decade where more is beautiful. More colors, more accessories means more fun!

And now for my // STORY TIME //

I've been ranting about this every time they congratulates me over winning the Star of the Night award. Honestly, I put too much effort on my outfit. I spent almost two weeks searching for the best mix and match. I googled Madonna's 80s outfit multiple times but nooo, I can't find a striking one. You know, to be notice by the judges, you need a pak na pak outfit and to be a scene-stealer BUT in a good way. So I was patiently waiting for a staff committee to approach me and get my name because I've already experienced to be nominated for the said title on the previous year party, so I know how it goes. 

Hours passed by, still, no one is approaching me. I kept on telling my friends why is that I am not being noticed, the hell I put too much effort for this plus wearing a leather jacket wasn't comfortable for me. 

So finally (Ariel happen to me, lol), someone asked for my name!!! My complete name is quite long so I asked her if it's okay that I'll be the one to write it and add on her list. So I saw that I was the third nominee. I didn't bother to look on the other girls' name. Yay, I was so happy that I have a chance, I even started to get some make-up retouch that time. 

And they started calling the names of the nominees. 3 girls, 3 boys. But my name wasn't called. I was like, OMG gurlll, are you effing kidding me? Why am I not called? That's so freaking impossible! I wrote it and I was damn so sure that I'm the third one. My friends are even dumb-founded and shocked that my name wasn't called. I am not bragging at all guys, but I just can't let my efforts get wasted just because of some hosts' mistake? Helloooo?? So my ever supportive friends kept making noises to get the hosts attention but no, they're not looking at our side. One of my friends then approached a staff committee to inform regarding the 'sabotage'. (Lol, yeah, I'm calling it a sabotage because some bitches from the committee doesn't like me for no reason.) 

But hooray, thank goodness, they called my name and I was so nervous but very relieved that I'm getting on stage. At least, my effort was noticed and got some acknowledgment, you know what I mean? So the show goes on, we introduced ourselves, walked over the stage and guys, yessss, I WON! Yeah, after all my hates and disappointment rants, I still won. I just can't get over the thought that it's seriously an obvious sabotage moment. I'm not so sure about this but maybe someone erased my name on the list or they didn't call my name on purpose. Well, these are just my speculations. Whatever grunge they have about me, I don't know why..

So that's all! Haha. I kept quiet (in social media platforms, haha) for over a month because I'm still waiting for my cash prize. But I already got it so it's safe to share my thoughts now. You can't blame, do you? If you were on my position, will you just let it go? 

Hahahaha. Okay, I hope you guys got some entertainment on my story time. Enjoy the rest of my photos and might as well get some inspiration from my outfit if ever you need some 80's outfit. :)

Love Always,
Maria Hazel

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  1. Haha you so cute babe! Congratulations in winning! You deserve it! Effort! Hehe. Loved how you styled this 80's look!!❤️