Club Clio is Now in the Philippines | Top 3 Picks | HAUL AND REVIEW

Monday, May 22, 2017

OMG! Club Clio is finally here and I'm sharing my Mini Haul and Review! :) Wazzup K-beauty fanatics like me! 

So last Tuesday, I got the chance to be part of the VIP Launch of Club Clio Philippines! I am very much excited to try these oh-awesome products because of the positive blogger reviews that I've read.

Clio Professional, Peripera and Goodal are three brands created and developed under the umbrella of Club Clio, an award winning South Korea cosmetics company. This is the biggest road shop in South Korea! I know K-Beauty/Pop/Drama and everything Korean fans surely knew about this because duh, they're effortlessly quite addicting! Can you feel me? Haha! I tried so many Korean brands already but this will be my first time to try Club Clio products.

During the launch, I got the chance to get some techniques from their live make-up workshop and swatched some products that was held at Seda Hotel. And the most exciting part was we get to shop on their first ever flagship store in the PH which is located at 3rd Floor TriNoma Mall! 

And here's my Club Clio haul! I actually got most Peripera and Clio Professional products only. Although Goodal products are also available on their store which is all about skin care such as anti-aging serums, snail creams and etc. As much as I wanted to try it, I already got so many skin care goodies at home and I don't wanna waste them. So maybe I'll try Goodal next time after finishing what I have right now. If you have any recommendations also, comment it down below! :)

  • CLIO Kill Cover Pro Artist Liquid Concealer Set 
Can I just say how much I love this concealer?

Shade: 004 - Ginger
Price: Php 820.00
Rate: 5/5
The texture of this liquid concealer is quite thick but not heavy and VERY pigmented so I only applied a small amount on my under eye area. I suggest you don't put too much to avoid crease. I love the smooth finish even if I only used my fingers to spread the concealer on my cheeks. It perfectly hides my blemishes, dark spots and my big pores! The matte packaging looks so good too. This concealer is pretty amazing. I just wish they could bring a darker shade for this. The shade - Ginger - that I got is the darkest shade available on their store but as I googled, there's still #005.

  • Peripera Ink Corrector
Shade: Flaw Tuning Lemon
Price: Php 460
Rate: 3/5
This color doesn't suit my skin tone though. It's just too bright for me but it works to make my face smooth and flawless! It comes with 4 shades which has different colors for other target application like redness and bluish tones. I'm not sure why I chose to pick this up. To be honest, I don't like it. Well, it may work on your skin tone! :)

  • Clio Kill Cover Liquid Founwear Ampoule Cushion
Shade: 4-BO
Price: Php 1,650
Rate: 4.3/5
Even if I have a combination of dry and oily skin, I risked to try this cushion with ampoule. I honestly prefer pure matte but some parts of my face is too dry so a little bit of glowy dewy look is fine for me. My face looks absolutely moisturized and hydrated using this! It blends easily and hides pores in an instant. Putting too much will give you a little sticky feeling (but not cakey) though so take note that we live in a tropical country. :) Haha

This bb cushion comes with an instant re-fill which I think is really good and practical. It is stored in a huge box so it won't get easily damage.

The packaging looks really great and expensive. This Clio Kill Cover is actually compared to high-end brands such as MAC and Inglot so you can tell that this product is really good!

If you have an oily T-zone like me, you might do some powder touch-ups after a few hours. I suggest you use their oil control fix mist as your setting spray or a translucent powder to fix it. They claim to last for 24 hours and as for me, it stayed on my face all day long without being cakey. It has an SPF 50+ and PA +++. I actually used this at my office and got some compliments on how my face looks shiny but moisturized just like what they see on the actresses on K-dramas.

The radiant, moisturized and healthy looking flattering effects on my skin are the reasons why I like this product. But again, this is the darkest shade which I really think is bright for my morena skin tone. My face is literally whiter than my neck. So I have to lessen the amount of make-up on the chin part of my face or put some powder on my neck to make this shade works for me. But I really do recommend this product, just make sure the shade compliments on your skin tone. The coverage is really great!

  • Clio Sharp, So Simple Waterproof Pen Liner
Shade: 01 Black
Price: Php 670
Rate: 5/5

I was really into eyeliner and tbh, L'Oreal was my ultimate fave until I got to tried this liner from Clio. 

Korean make-up have this No Make-Up make-up look and less is more effect that goes into super thin eyeliner. Clio Pen Liner have a 0.01mm slip marker type of pen that gives you more control on applying and it glides on smoothly. This is the slimmest eyeliner that I tried, the fell tip is super sharp and the color is very vivid.  

The outer corner of my eye is a little watery so my winged liner tends to disappear quickly. Upon using this, the liner doesn't comes off! I have to give this waterproof liner a big reco to all my friends out there because it lasts all day long and a smudge-resistant.

  • Peripera Moist Lip Balm
Shade:#3 Peach Milk
Price: Php 250
Rate: 4/5

This is best in times of dry and chapped lips. It is truly moisturizing and makes my lips smooth. It has a shimmery finish, a gel type texture and a subtle color that is almost not noticeable when applied on my lips. Maybe I should get a more darker shade for the color to see a difference. But over all, this lip balm works its job right!

  • Peripera Ink Velvet
Shade: Inkrush Orange
Price: Php 450
Rate: 5555555555/5 (No, this isn't a typo error. I freakin' love this lip tint so much!)

They stay on my lips very well and it doesn't crease on my lips unless I eat oily food or something. This Ink Velvet has a matte smooth finish but with a moisturizing feeling. It stains really really well.

The packaging looks really cute. The excess top makes this bottle looks like an eye drops bottle but it's actually an extra handle for the wand applicator.

Just a few strokes and it gives me an extreme pigmented color. It is also buildable which is good for those who loves to make gradient lips. This ink velvet vivid lip tint is very comfortable to wear and it doesn't fade quickly. Its perfect for everyday use either you're at school or work. I should've get more of this ink velvets in different shades of red, pink and orange! This Peripera product is my instant fave! No wonder people are raving about this!

If you guys don't have this yet, I am screaming you should definitely give this a shot! :)

  • Clio Micro Fine Oil Control Fix Mist (80ml) 
Price: Php 750
Rate: 4.5/5

A facial mist that controls sebum production for longer lasting makeup. 
For an oily-face person like me, a mattfying setting spray is a plus. This fix mist smells really really nice. It has a powder-like smell that makes me wanna use this as my everyday cologne (lol, just kidding!). This is transparent/colorless, it doesn't give a shimmery or glittery finish effect on my skin unlike the other setting sprays. 

This one works like an oil control paper but in a form of spray. The formula actually consists of a moisturizing mists and oil control powder. So you should shake it very well as they instructed on their website. The powder isn't noticeable because of the packaging. 


Peripera Ink Velvet

Clio Sharp, So Simple Waterproof Pen Liner

CLIO Kill Cover Pro Artist Liquid Concealer

Club Clio Available in Zalora PH

Here's some photos from the Club Clio Philippines VIP Launch with Zalora. You can actually purchase this Club Clio products with just a tap of a button. So if you feel bad that their physical store is far away from where you are now, don't be! They will be opening more stores very soon!

But now, sit back, relax and go to the Zalora App and give yourself some love by purchasing your favorite Clio products! Don't forget my top picks! I won't let you down guys. It's a MUST-HAVE. Haha!

These products are not available for vouchers and discounts but just in case you have other things to buy, you may use this 15% off discount code: ZBAPQDXN on! ;)

Club Clio PH VIP Launch Swatches and Products

Club Clio PH VIP Makeup Workshop

Club Clio PH VIP Launch Party Bus with Kaycee and Beauty B/Vloggers
First flagship store in Manila

Their first ever retail store is located at 3rd Floor Trinoma Mall.

Club Clio PH VIP Launch Shopping Party

Club Clio PH: Peripera products

Club Clio PH: Goodal Skin Care products

Club Clio Ph - Clio Professional

Club Clio Ph: Korean Inspired Make-Up

And that's it! Hope you love my ala-Korean look using Club Clio products! :)

Let me know your thoughts about this brand and if you have any suggestions for me to try, go ahead comment it down below! :)

Love Always,
Maria Hazel

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