My first-time BEAUTYMNL shopping experience! Yay or Nay?

Monday, June 26, 2017

Finally got to try shopping on BeautyMNL

I think there's no Philippine-based online shopping website that I haven't tried yet. Well, I think I'm so close to that. 😂 Like seriously gurl, I ain't kidding at all! 

I've been seeing my friends' post about their newest beauty product purchases on my newsfeed and most of them bought it from BeautyMNL. 💓 So basically, for the love of make-up and skin care products, I downloaded their app and browsed on their products. But I've been secretly visiting their site on Safari though. Ssshhh. And after a few taps and scrolling, I placed an order! Dis is lyf! Haha! 😹

 Lemme share with you my online-shopping experience! 

Is BeautyMNL a legit site? 100% yes! I downloaded their app too for more convenient shopping experience. 😊 
Are the products authentic? Of course. I wouldn't give this a try without doing some research. Also, even your favorite local beauty brands like Colourette and Beach Born, recommended to purchase their products on this site. Meaning, BeautyMNL is their trusted partner to deliver their goodies to us shoppers! They have a lot to offer from skin care, make-up, hair and so many more. You have to check it yourself. It's heaven. 

Do they offer discounts? Well, they currently have 50% sale on selected brands so YASS! I actually bought so many mask sheets because of the on-going sale. How to pay? I usually pay via credit card! It was a very smooth transaction.

How much is the shipping fee? Well, I live somewhere in the South of Manila so I expect a higher shipping cost but what the- I only paid 50 pesos! Super cheap! And take note guys, I got my package after 2 days only which is really fast for the usual 5-7 days delivery process on provincial areas. It's free shipping when your order is above 1,500 pesos. 

Their courier is Ninja Van which I thought was literally a "van". Haha. I was so excited when I received a text from the courier guy that my package will be delivered on that day and that he's already on the vicinity of our area. 

I'm expecting other packages so I didn't know that it's my BeautyMNL order. So I was waiting for a 'van' but turns out the delivery guy was in a motorcycle and the name of the courier is Ninja Van. Lol! I'm not sure if it's new but the're reliable and very fast to ship my order anyway. Still, it's a yay!

Oh, they also have freebies like lip tint and coupon discounts upon your checkout!

Freebies -

Shopping experience Rate: 5/5 

I rate a shopping website based on how easy to navigate their page and of course the products they offer. It should be mobile-friendly to me because duh, I use my phone most of the times. It's a big plus for me that they have an app too that makes loading of the images faster.

Skin Potions Unicorn Daydream Skin Hydrating Serum -
And what makes BeautyMNL different from any other online-shopping website that I tried is that they have this portion where they publish articles about the latest beauty trends called Bloom, what the customers been recently raving about, and recommended top brands and beauty products for a specific purpose eg. for hair, eyes, Korean beauty trends and etc. I think its pretty helpful for shoppers who's searching for any recommendations or new products to try. The shopping community of BeautyMNL is very huge and active! It's good to read reviews from the shopper/user itself about a certain product before buying.

Snail Essence Mask Sheet -

Black Mask Cactus Essence Hydrating Mask -
Overall, I am definitely going to purchase on BeautyMNL again. They carry both local and international brands that makes my favorites list longer than the usual. 😹 

By the way, I bought skin care products because seriously my make-up collection is SOOO full for me. BUT, I am definitely going to buy a Colourpop lippie next time. It's a miracle that I did controlled myself last time. Lol! Because a girl can't have too many lipsticks right? Hahaha!

Okay, so that's all beautiful creatures! I am definitely recommending BeautyMNL for you to shop your favorite beauty products. Its more convenient to shop on their app, so better download it. 

Love Always, 
Maria Hazel


  1. Great review. Will download the app because of this 👌👍💞💘