Period Survival Kit | Why You Should Use X-Long Pads At Night

Friday, November 17, 2017

Achieve #SleepGoals even during your period.
Time for some serious REAL girl talk!

When I first had my period, I remember the messy, weird and nervous feeling! I thought I was going to die due to overflowing menstruation blood. Funny for you, but not for me! I am very serious guys! Back then, “night” pads isn’t widely available in the market. My mom even bought me a baby diaper just to cover things up! It’s because regular size napkins can’t save you from getting stains and the --shame. 

So if you’re you a teenager that recently experience these girly stuff, then here’s my tips that you should do if you’re on your period! 

  • Always bring a jacket to use as a cover if things messed up! (I know PH is a hot AF country but I didn’t tell you to actually wear it, just carry it on your arms, gurl!)
  • Slip some extra underwear on your bag.
  • Use a cycling shorts even when you’re wearing jeans.
  • But ALWAYS, even if you’re not on your period, have a trusty napkin. It’ll be so much better if you even get an extra long pads. Although there are regular pads, I feel safer using Whisper’s extra long pads especially on the crucial “second day” of our monthly visit. Also add some wet wipes along with it! Because girls should always be extra even if we’re on that stinky situation. Haha!
*Whisper Cottony X-Long Overnights napkins are originally intended for night use but hey, I personally felt more comfortable using it while moving around at day work. Trust me, give it a try!

You seriously don’t need to feel uncomfortable moving around anymore on your red days if you’ll follow my tips! This is also a good suggestion from a girl with an irregular period aka girls scout ang peg because I have to. Lol! Feel confident enough standing up, working your ass off, doing a job well done girls! Red days shouldn’t be a big deal or an excuse to function well. Am I right? :) #workinggirls

How about sleeping at night? Before, I lack peaceful sleeps at night because I worry— a lot, that blood stains might getting all over my bed or blanket. Do you also feel like you have weird body clock during your red days? Because personally, I even wake up on the wee hours to check any leakage and intentionally changing your sleeping position? Well it can be really such a hassle sometimes but not anymore when I discover these new Whisper Cottony X-Long Overnights! YAY for stain-free nights for me! 

With their built-in blue anti-leak channels and soft cottony cover, you'll surely get protected from stains and skin irritation. Our private parts can be really sensitive sometimes that’s why we really need to get the brand that we’re all comfortable and SAFE right?

Whisper Cottony X-Long Overnights provide an all night all around leakage protection as it has 5x more absorbency than an average pad, so you can get your worry-free and comfy #SleepGoals at night! :) Hoorayyyy!!!! 

Extra long pads saves my day and night. How about you? I hope you like this post! :)

Share your experience with me! What’s the weirdest thing happened to you during your period? Or do you have additional helpful tips or suggestions for me to try?

Love Always,
Maria Hazel

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