Laneige BB Cushion Pore Control Review | Shade Sand 23 New

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Is it true that it moisturized the skin inside yet looks matte outside? Let’s find out!
I am a fan of bb cushion, whether it's dewy or matte, I just love how I can easily apply it on my face. But I’m a little bit sad that I got the wrong shade. :( I’m a morena but I didn’t expect that it’ll be too light and that’s my main problem on Korean brands. The shades usually falls to light to medium shades only, mostly cool tones. I don’t think they prioritize producing dark shades, which is really sad because I think Koreans brands makes the best cushion compacts.


When I was choosing for a shade in Althea Korea website, they only have Sand 23 as their darkest shade. So I thought it’s the darkest and suitable shade for my skin color, the Filipino color, brown skin aka morena. I just recently found out that they have a lot of dark shades to choose from.

How to know if its neutral or cool tone shade? Check the back of the compact case where it indicates the shade.
Neutral: Sand 23
Cool: Sand 23C

I thought I ordered the cool tone base because of how light the shade looks like on my skin but unfortunately, this is already a ‘warm’ shade. 

Okay, so let’s go straight to the point on this post. I tried out different bb cushions and I always give them away mainly because of how light the shade for me.


The compact looks clean with holographic feature on the top case area. Looks sturdy, classy and aesthetically pleasing.

There's also a free compact refill inside the box.


The sponge which they called Skin Fit can get the product as much as you want to depending on how many times you soak it. Apply it on a stamping method in thin layers and quickly blend it as it sticks on your face easily. It has a semi-matte finish that gives skin a dewy glowy look. Feels a little sticky when touch but using a sebum translucent powder helps to thoroughly mattify.

Tips for different skin types:

Dry skin 
- BB/CC cream based is recommended.
- Moisturize/prime first!
Combination skin
- Moisturize on the dry area.
- Use a mattifying primer on the oily parts.
- Don’t forget to top it off using a good sebum powder to mattify and control oil build-up.
Oily skin
- BB Cushion are usually dewy to semi-matte finish, so better find a specific cushion with a MATTE finish.
- Mattifying primer, tranluscent sebum powder and setting spray are your ultimate bestfriends. 
- Basically everything MATTE!


Medium-coverage only. Some find it almost full-coverage though. Well in my case, I currently have dark spots on my face and it doesn’t cover them all. I suggest using a nice concealer if you want a clearer looking skin upon using Laneige BB Cushion Pore Control.

How long does it last?

I’m surprised that it stays longer than I expected because I have a combination skin, and my T-zone gets oily easily. It stays matte for the first 5-6 hours. What I love about this BB cushion, it doesn’t break on my skin even if it gets oily. No cracky lines on my eyes and around my lips. I tested the Laneige BB Cushion at home and turned off the air-con to see the if it can control oil formation on my nose area! My face still gets a little shiny on my T-zone but not too much. Quite tolerable because it looks natural and kinda give me a “healthy glow”, at least for me. 

Can I use Laneige BB Cushion Pore Control in Philippine’s type of weather?

Sorry to say but if you’re thinking of going to public areas, as per my experience, even if I used all the make-up strategies to come out  and stay with a matte face, they all cracks up when exposed to the heat of the sun. It might stay pretty for 1 to 3 hours. Good thing that Laneige Pore Control has a semi-matte finish and don’t melt easily. We have a tropical country guys, better yet, always bring a blotting paper and sebum powder to save the day!

For touch-ups, I only use Laneige BB Cushion if I’m in a cool area to avoid uneven patches.

My Rating: 9/10
I think Laneige BB Cushion Pore Control is one of the best cushion compacts that I’ve tried. But it’s so pricey! :( Even if I bought it with  discount in Althea Korea, still expensive for me. 
Basically the semi-matte finish is a big yes for someone who has a combi-skin. I got the wrong shade though which is really sad because I honestly love the formula and application but the shade is too light. So I suggest, get a much darker shade than your usual shade color on make-up foundation. I’m definitely recommending this product!

Have your tried this already? Let me know your experience about it. Hope you liked my review! :)

Love Always,
Maria Hazel


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  18. I love laneige products.thanks for the review...mine check out mine too laneige review? Nice to knoe u😎

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