What’s Inside Banila Co Travel Kit?

Monday, December 3, 2018

BANILA CO releases a travel-friendly variant of best-selling make-up cleanser —
Clean It Zero Travel Size! 💕

Korea’s best-selling and award-winning make-up cleanser now comes in a smaller, more affordable variant! The Clean It Zero Travel Size contains 50ml of the famous balm-type cleanser that melts away make-up easily. 

This new variant can easily fit your kit for an on-the-go cleansing experience. It is the perfect trial size for first-time users as well. 

Where to get them? 
* You can get the Clean It Zero in Travel Size, as well as the other sizes (100ml and 180ml) on selected Watsons stores nationwide, making it accessible for K-Beauty fanatics residing outside of Metro Manila.
* BANILA CO’s best-selling products such as the Prime Primer line and It Radiant CC Cream are also now available on Watsons online at www.watsons.com.ph.
* Note: Clean It Zero Travel Size is a Philippine-exclusive item and is not available in BANILA CO Korea.

It’s my first time using Banila Co’s Clean It Zero to be honest. I only have their ‘hydrating’ primer which I didn’t use that much because the variant doesn’t suit my skin type. But I think I’m gonna love the Clean It Zero bcos it isn’t greasy when applied. Also, it works wonder removing matte lipsticks and eyeliner.

Inside the Banila Co Travel Kit bag is the Dear Hydration Toner + Boosting Cream which comes with a mini cotton pads.

And this cute facial roller that said to help achieve the perfect v-shape.

Face rollers are a huge trend not only in South Korea, but in other Asian countries as well. This tool doesn’t only help your skin absorb nutrients better, but it does a great job in contouring the face to help you lift your skin for a slimmer appearance. By using it to massage the face, you are draining fluids— which causes bloating— in the lymphatic system of the face. It also improves the blood circulation on your face and neck as well.  

Lastly, what’s a Korean skincare routine without the mask sheet? The Banila Co Travel Kit includes the Dear Hydration Sheet Mask - to moisturize and nourish the skin.

If you haven’t got a 2019 Planner yet, you might like the BANILA CO’s planner which you can get for FREE!

* How? Simply present your receipts (accumulated receipts for purchases worth P4,995 dated October 1 onwards) to claim your planner.
* Each planner also includes 12 coupons amounting to P3,000 worth of savings.

And that’s my Banila Co travel ready essentials. How about you? What’s your favorite Banila Co product?

Love Always,
Maria Hazel  

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