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Wednesday, July 3, 2019

The new Happy Go Lash Mascara of the The Body Shop has every millenial pink lovers dream! The packaging looks aesthetically pleasing to the eye but is the product itself is as good as the packaging too?


Oh come on, what do I have to say? It’s so beautiful! It’s sturdy, looks classy, and doesn’t get dirt easily. The millenial pink and leaves print combined is just gorgeous! I think the leaves pattern isn’t just for aesthetic purpose because The Body Shop’s make-up is 100% vegan and cruelty-free. 🌿💕


* The first time I tried it was a mess. It doesn’t dry up quickly so you may have to be extra careful not closing your eyes because the product might smudge especially on your lower lashes. Well, not drying up so fast is a good thing for me though. Because I can do multiple coats as I love my lashes full and thick.

* Volumizing - if you love lashes looking thick, you’ll love this Happy Go Lash Mascara! It feels light and gentle even with multiple coats. Also, it does not clump!

* Lengthening -  it doesn’t make your lashes look super long, just enough!

* Waterproof - I can’t say it’s totally waterproof but it doesn't give you that smudge black undereyes. It’s also not flaking even if I put too much product.


The brush applicator is not long nor short, perfect size for me so it’s easy to apply. It also does’t get too much product on the tip area of the brush, you know what I mean? 


Just like what I said, it doesn’t flake or smudge so you may find it hard to remove the product. But hey, it serves well! Just like what I always do, I use my Banila Co Clean It Zero Balm to remove eyemake-up. With this, you can remove the Happy Go Lash mascara without looking like a panda. You may also try using Apollo petroleum jelly or oil to easily remove it with no sting or irritation at all.

* Php 795 SRP

Where To Buy?
* The Body Shop stores
* Online via Lazada

Overall, I love this The Body Shop Happy Go Lash mascara! Although it doesn’t make my lashes long, it makes them pop because of its volumizing effect. Hope they make the product not too liquidy because I can’t apply it on if I’m on-the-go (like when I do my make-up on a car). But I’m definitely keeping this but maybe not worthy to be a handbag staple because it’s not an on-the-go friendly make-up.

How about you? What’s your experience with The Body Shop Happy Go Lash Mascara?

Love Always,
Maria Hazel

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