My face is on EDSA Billboard with Belo Beauty!

Saturday, June 26, 2021

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think of having my face on one of those billboards!

I got a message yesterday that she saw my photo on a billboard and I just can’t get over my excitement to actually get at least a photo of it. Who would’ve thought? Issa big moment for me!
I mean who would knew that I would be up there. I'd never imagine myself to be on a billboard to be honest. This may be like a massive moment for me and I thank everyone for being so kind and happy as I achieve this. I thought it would just a normal social media campaign but the Belo team decided to put my photo on an LED billboard. And along EDSA and C5? It's like the busiest road and everyone going to Manila have might seen one of my face. What a dream right?

This is like a one time big time for me and I'm truly grateful to be experience these such great things by doing something I love.

Get a chance to have your selfie be featured too with @belobeauty ZO products! Just make sure to post it on your Instagram with a public profile and hashtag #SwitchUpToZO!

If you wanna try out these ZO products, you may use this code: BELOxGOMMARIA and enjoy 10% OFF upon checkout at The Belo Shop (validity until June 30 only).

Thank you so much Belo Medical Group Philippines!
Billboards are located at Guada bridge, EDSA and C5 SB!

Never stop dreaming.

Love Always,
Maria Hazel

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  1. Congrats, Its really great deal , like seriously I would be jumping if I were at your place to see 4k photos on billboard. ��