Current wants

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Hello dolls! :) I just want to share my current wants right now.
  • I don’t know but every time I saw wedge shoes, its like I want to buy one of these. :) and I’m thinking what design should I buy for a successful investment. I’m short, so I really need those high heels, but I only have a 5’ foot size which is rare for a type of shoes like these cute wedges! :) I only use doll/flat shoes for casual wear but I own some heels which I only wear for special occasions.
  • Neon bags! waaaaahhhh. I really want them, I always see nice pictures here on Tumblr, and I already saw them at the mall, too bad it costs almost 50 dollars. Ahhh, too expensive for a one bag. I wish I could have more to buy them online. :/ How I wish. haha.
  • Lastly,floral printed shoes, bags, blouses, and dresses! Waaah. I think floral prints are in the fashion trends right now! :) Can someone give me some floral prints out there? hahaha. C’mon! just for an early Christmas gift. LOL. I’m just joking.

How about you doll? I’m sure you also want one of these! :) I’m looking forward for an outfit post of my vintage dress again but with a better photo quality. What do you think? Maybe next week I’ll post about it. Ciao! :)

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