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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Its raining again, luckily we have our mini photo shoot the other day with my sister as my photographer. As what I have told you from this post, I received 3 clothes from Sheinside.comThis will be my second outfit featuring the products of Sheinside Garments.

This is the number one as I listed from this post, the Pink Lapel Sleeveless Ruffle Loose Chiffon Dress. Woah, I ordered too much chiffon but really I love this dress. I love
So here's another outfit post.

I am loving the bird prints. and also its color, my favorite, pink! :)

It looks so girly yet simple. I am loving the Peterpan collars!

It fits to me nicely. It is really loose in style with ruffled chiffon material.

A closer look to the bow and its peterpan collars. :) You can adjust the bow so if you want to be more fitting to yours or you want it to be loose iin style.

And also they have given me a pair of earrings, I did not ordered it, I was just surprise when I saw this gold color earrings with a masquerade mask style. Lovely! is so nice to send all of these to me.
I really love their shop! Go and visit Sheinside. I'm sure you'll find a perfect dress that would best fit you also. Thank you Sheinside.

Hope you like it. Till my next post!

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