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Friday, April 5, 2013

Ombré is like a thing now and have been everywhere. The French word ombré means “shaded,” and in fashion it refers to pretty much anything that starts out one color and then slowly morphs into another.
Actually I wanna have an ombré hair and of course ombré nails. I thought it’s hard to paint my nails and do the ombré thing but I give it a try using LA GIRL Ombre Limited Edition Gradient Polish Set - Midnite from

LA GIRL Ombre Polish Set is a five piece nail collection that lets you create your own gradient look! This range of ombre shades will add instant flare to any style with bold and daring shades perfect for fingers and toes. Use each color alone or paint each nail a different color. Keep up with the latest trend in nail polish. Bonus top coat included!
It is not that hard to make my nail polish look good, I just experiment by putting the dark into the lightest nail polish from LA GIRL Ombre Polish Set and added the glittery nail polish which is included on the set to make my midnight blue nail polish. It is an quick-dry nail polish so you don’t have to worry, I did this for only 7 to 10 minutes I think?

 You like it? I like it! HAHA! I was so amazed that I actually did this myself, thanks LA GIRL Ombre Polish SetI got it
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