There was a girl

Friday, April 5, 2013

There was a girl named Maria Hazel, she’s an aspiring fashion blogger and blah blah blah. XD Haha.
Hello guys, here’s another outfit post. Can you feel the summer on this post? I love my leopard-print heart of my top from You’ll definitely go outdoors this summer vacation, I prefer more casual pieces and then mix and match but always balance the look by different accessories.

 I think is the perfect time to wear my Roxbi from FlyShadesMy bag from SM Accessoriesmy outfit need a little bit of bright colors. Haha

I decided to wear “bad girl” accessories to justify the rawr of those leopard prints. (wew XD)

double cross ring from ringsandtings

I just recently blogged about the metallic and skulls combination of my bracelets from Embracejewelry which you can see on this blog post

Don;t you love my top from check ‘em out!

What I wore?

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