DIY Floral Crown

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Hello guys! so I made a Do It Yourself floral crown, this one is a very simple way to make your own floral crown but of course you should make your own design that you will surely love. Okay, so for the supplies, what we need?
Paper twine, artificial flowers, cutting pliers, scissors, glue gun and artistic wire.
You may also use a garter which I used on my first floral crown, I used an artistic wire here to experiment because I used a smaller fake flowers. :)

Steps! I tried my best to keep it short and very simple.
1. Pluck the stems off the flowers. You just have to pull it.

2. Cut off the remaining stems. This is to flatten the fake flower to easily stick it to the garter or artistic wire.

4. Twist. So what I've used here is a green paper twine and artistic wire. The wire is quite very thin and very stretchable so to make sure that the flowers will really stick, I used a paper twine. It is also good to use green paper twine in case your flower patterns are not close to each other, it will look like a stems.
Like what I said a while ago, you may also use garters. You don't need a paper twine if you want to use garters. :)

5. Make a pattern of your desired floral crown to make the pasting of flowers easy to the twisted paper twine and wire.

6. Stick it! Use a glue gun to secure the flowers in place.
First put a hot glue on the back of the fake flower. Stick it on the wire. And after it, since we are using a thin wire, put a hot glue again on the back to make sure that it won't fall out.

And tadaaaa! What do you think? Hope you like it!

And here is my first floral crown that I made too, its just that it has bigger flowers and I put some leaves on it. I only used garters in here.


  1. your both flower crown are amazing, thanks for this diy.
    Marie xx