Enchanted Kingdom

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

This is my treat to my little sister, the one in black shirt with skeleton prints, for her thirteenth birthday! She's thirteen years old already but a bit taller than me. okay. Hahaha. This is a major photo dump.

Finally, I got the courage to ride this. ._. and it was really freakinggggggggggg awesome. I just closed my eyes when we started rolling upside down because i feel like i'm going to fall and die. But my bro and sis, I think they really enjoy it smiling and me, crying. and that's not a joke. Haha

Both bags are from Romwe. ;) and here's my bro, I am one year older, and he's taller. haha

This is my outfit, the Aztec and Lace, Haha.

Bag from mixmi bags, skull bracelet from embracejewelry and veloci watch. I purposely wore my veloci watch because I know we will end up wet because of the water rides. Top and shorts, chicwish.

I am using Revlon mooncandy starlight nail polish here. THBoxes oxford shoes. :)

(Feeling lang? Haha)

That's my mom. 

(feeling ulet?) and my bro crazy with gentleman song. XD lol

Wet after the water rides, I am not able to take pictures of it, I'm so glad I bought the waterproof cover for my camera bag because the mini waterfall, like seriously, why me?! haha

(I just can't)

Sooo wet! Changed my clothes. Rawr. Dress from tideshe.com


I did not ride here, I've had enough with the space shuttle. Haha lol

Till next time Enchanted Kingdom! We are not able to visit all the spots because we came so late. 

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