New In from Lovelywholesale

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Hello guys! Here are my new accessories and shoes from Lovelywholesale. All the items that you will see in this post is from them. I love my floral metal bracelet and love letters necklace, I got both in silver colors! Love it so much especially the necklace.

And here's my new shoes, OMG, this is my current fave of all the shoes that I own, good thing Lovelywholesale sell pretty shoes in a very cheap price! You should check em out!
I got mine in apricot color, I just love it so much, this is such a very pretty shoes! I think this is also available in black in their site? So beautiful, can't get over it. Haha 

Fits to my little feet very well. I love them so much! Visit Lovelywholesale for more fashion finds like these in a very cheap price. ;)


  1. how much is the shipping fee? Or they gave it to you for free?

  2. hi! can you send to me the specific link of the shoes I can't find it there, I really want one.

    1. Can't find it either. I think its already sold out.