Primer, Shadow + Sparkle by Revlon

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Revlon Photo-ready Primer, Shadow Plus Sparkle is one of the newest product of Revlon. Now you can create multiple looks with one easy to use eye-shaped palette. Start with primer and add shadow trio. Top with sparkle or use wet for even more intensity.

What I have is Avant Garde, Metropolitan, and Renaissance. Each compact comes with 5 shadows:
1. An all over powder eyeshadow that is supposed to have primer in it.
2. A bottom color for the lid
3. Crease color
4. Top shade for brow bone
5. Sparkle color - for any where you want to add sparkle. 
I love the color combinations so much.

Let’s give it a try. So I am not really a pro when it comes to eye-shadows so I didn’t follow on how to put the eye-shadows.
What I used is the Avant Grande eyeshadows. I only used a little bit of the primer on the inner lid and added much of the dark brow color on the middle and outer lid which I really like! :) I only put a little sparkle on the inner core of my eyes. I like it because the color combinations are easy to blend!

And here's the proper way on how you should put these on. Make by Eman De Leon of

The new Revlon Primer, Shadow + Sparkle eye shadow is pretty good and the shades that I’ve got is so nice and pretty. It’s really worth giving a try!

Thank you so much Drama Queen Manila for sending me these. I really love it. :) Like Drama Queen Manila Fanpage here and hit like!

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