Pulseras By Kim

Sunday, May 26, 2013

For those who do not know, "Pulseras" is the Filipino word for bracelets. Such a cute term right? Haha. Anyway, I would like to share you my newest pulseras from a shop called Pulseras By Kim.
I love the beach vibe of the bracelets that I got from them! :) Very summer. 
These dainty anchor and helm bracelets are such a cutie.

And here's a customized bracelet for me, Kim named it "laceyfashionista", OMG, I am so happy! hahaha, You want a "laceyfashionista" bracelet too? You can get them from their etsy shop or facebook page. Haha :) 

And I really appreciate the handwritten letter! :))) The owner of the shop is sooo sweet! Thanks Kim! ;)

And here's a photo taken via my instagram @itsmariahazel

You may visit their shop here!


  1. wow lovely pulseras! I heard of this store too from my blogger friends. will check them out soon!

  2. Gorgeous bracelets! So dainty and pretty ❤
    Found you through your tumblr, been following you for a while now! Following you on this blog via bloglovin now :)


    1. I always visit your blog btw. hahaha, i just don't open my bloglovin account always. Thank you.

  3. i'm in love with the anchor and helm bracelets *.*
    Marie xx