Walk with me

Sunday, June 16, 2013

I was listening to Parachute - Kiss me slowly while I was thinking of any good title and go with the lyrics "Walk with me" because I was actually enjoying my new shoes with my tiger print dress from TideShe in this post (you can actually see that on the photos below, haha) . If you saw my post about my Enchanted Kingdom trip with my family, then you probably saw this dress already for my night/change outfit look. It's my first time to go out of our house and take these photos outside, haha, good timing my neighbors/relatives is not goofing around their house. Hahaha.

I love the dress from Tideshe, its actually just a shirt but its quite too long for me, haha, so I just wear this as a dress, I think its fine? What do you think? I did not expect the see-through long sleeves, I thought it was just plain black. Though the cloth is not sultry when you're already wearing them, its kinda silky that gives you a cool feeling. :) And look at my shoes! It's my dream shoes, I always see them on Tumblr, so why not have it on my closet and use it on a fun party? It's very comfortable to walk with them despite of its high heels. I only used my favorite spikes headband as my accessory for this post. This outfit makes me look like a frisky kid enjoying my outfit on the photos that you can see below. Enjoy my awkwardness. Haha

What I wore?

Tiger Print Shirt: TideShe
Shoes: Lovelyshoes
Headband: Sm Accessories


  1. hey i'm evansbrenda on instagram:)
    love the boots maria, following ur tumblr btw, its pretty <3


  2. your headband and shoes are perfect! are your shoes real jeffrey campbell?
    Marie xx