Bellast Bracelets

Thursday, July 4, 2013

If you're a avid reader of my blog, I'm sure you already saw these two adorable bracelets that I received from You can see the red one in here and the foxy bracelet in this post. My fave is the foxy one. Both of them looks so simple yet classy. Thank you so much Bellast for sending them.

First one is my Delicate Rhinestone Crystal Fox Charm Bracelet with White Gold Plated, look at the foxy charm. This bracelet is so feminine. The crystal are Australian Crystals, how cool is that! 

Second one, Designer Inspired Red Enamel Cuff Bangle with 18K Rose Gold Plated, I'm not into bangles, because my arms are so thin for bangles, good thing this suits me! :) Love the color combination of gold and red. Reminds me of the classic style of Taylor Swift. Hahaha.

And by the way, they look really luxurious and glamorous but the price is worth it, offers almost 50% off than the original retail price. You can see more designs on their site, so you better check 'em out!

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  1. Such lovely bracelets!

    x Angela / Bouncing Brunette

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  3. I love the fox one too! So pretty and delicate :)


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