Feeling Fresh!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Finally, I am back! :) I'm quite distracted by a lot of things that makes me forget about my blogging duties. Aside from being lazy (well, that's not new) I am busy doing a lot of things for myself .
Aaahhh, more simple casual outfits will be posted soon, tired of dresses. I am starting to love wearing shorts because recently, I received new pretty street casual shoes from World Balance Ph! And I am wearing one of them, here's the Lacey shoes. The color is so nice, it is also available in Pink.

I posted this outfit on my instagram @itsmariahazel 

Whenever I wear shorts, I always make sure that I wear a not so revealing top (or vice versa) because I'm not so comfortable and I think its a good way to balance the "comfortable" look so I used a cotton blazer with my floral corset. What do you think? To add more vibrant colors aside from my adorable shoes, I used my blue and pink combo colored bag that I seldom use because I'm not really into colorful bags, but I think this is a right time to use it again! :)

A loveless woman wearing "love" necklace. Hahaha! lol. What do you think of my outfit? I love how my World Balance Shoes makes my outfit more casual and looks playful and ready to go for some adventure time. 

What I wore?

Corset and Blazer - Thrifted
Shorts - Sheinside
Necklace - LovelyWholesale
Shoes (special thanks to): World Balance Ph


  1. O.M.G love the whole outfit! Especially the shorts and shoes and that necklace!

    xx Mandy

  2. Love you're outfit! Super cute, you're so pretty too


    Steph x

  3. Totally love the outfit! You look great!

    x Angela / bouncingbrunette.wordpress.com

  4. Great everyday outfit! Those shoes look so playful and fun, love the colour :)
    -Helena ❤