My First Day Outfit

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Hi there people. So if you're reading my shared experiences on my previous posts, maybe you knew that I already have a job. Like a real one. I'm a working girl already! lol I'm so proud of myself that I am now working on an office, I have my own table, my office computer, and everything that is new about having this job is really an amazing experience.

What I liked about my college school is that they have taught us how to dress very well. We have personality development program and thanks to that, we already knew the basics. And I also got some outfit inspirations from Tumblr and other famous bloggers that changed my style on wearing clothes. Because before, I don't really care on how I look like. I thought corporate attires are just a simple blouse, blazer and pencil skirt that is all black, for me, it's a reallyyyy boring outfit.

But then as I got some inspirations from photos on Tumblr, WeheartIt, and other bloggers, I learned how to style a corporate outfit that is not that boring but still elegant and decent. The basics that I've learned is always used a decent watch when wearing corporate attire, and minimize your accessories. I don't know how to explain it further because I am not really good on expressing so here's an outfit post of what I wore on my first day! :) What do you think?

I'm so in love with my pastel colored skirt from iAnyWear.

And oh? What is that thing? it's one of my new Frollic emergency flats! In case I get tired wearing heels, I can wear this cute shoes. They're so comfortable to wear, very light! What's so interesting about this is that they can be folded, just roll it and put it on their mini bag and voila!, you can put them on your bag and you're off to go. Watch out for a separate post of my new babies. 

What I wore?

Skirt: iAnyWear.
Flats: Frollic
Top: OnTheDot
Bag: Romwe
Blazer: Thrifted
Heels: Lovelywholesale