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Sunday, September 15, 2013

I can't explain why I love flower crowns. They are wonderfully vintage and whimsical. Gives you a cute girly vibe. Basically, anyone with a flower crown is a beautiful fairy princess.
When I started liking flower crowns, I saw this Instagram account that sells beautifully colorful dainty flower crowns. @anythingwired8

Been using some of the flower crowns from @anythingwired8 on my previous outfit posts. Here's a closer look!

(Yes, I have white hairs already ._. haha and my hair grew so fast, 1 inch for one month? Not bad)

Cat ears flower crown is my fave! :)))

I just love these flower crowns so much. They're so pretty and the quality is really good. The flowers are attached very well so you don't have to worry bout the flowers falling out. Good job @anythingwired8!

Visit and follow @anythingwired8 now! :)

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