Pretty Messy

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Just a quick outfit post for the month of September! OMG. "Ber" months, hectic schedule, busy days, and more more more fun pleaseeee! Haha.

So I wore the top the other day for work and paired it with a cardigan and jeans but did a little mix and match on this outfit post. Me and my friends went to MOA after our work just to hang out and it was quite a very adventurous yet a little irritating night for us. So I think I don't have to go with the details but it was a fun Saturday night. I really enjoyed the performance of the entertainers/singers.

Back to my outfit, I'm quite sure that you noticed something very familiar on some of the fashion blogs today, it's the skort! I got it in pink since everyone's have white and black, just to make it a lil bit different. lol. 

Finally! I decided to try wearing denim shirts, well, I am just too fascinated of the floral prints on the collars and on the sleeves that's why I give it a try and I super love it! Denim tops is so pretty and stylish. And please don't mind my pretty messy hair. lol, I did not bother to comb my hair for this outfit post. Messy is sexy. HAHA. lol. Enjoy my blog! :)


And my super duper cute cat ear floral headband, thank you again @anythingwired and @thecookiebeads for the pretty bracelets! It's a match!

What I wore?

Black Top: Sheinside
Denim Shirt: Sheinside
Skort: Sheinside
Boots: LovelyShoes
Floral Headband: @anythingwired
Bracelets: @thecookiebeads