Be Yourself

Saturday, October 5, 2013

"Be yourself. No matter what. Some will adore you & some will hate everything about you, but who cares? It's your life. Make the most out of it."

I am quite weird on these photos but yes, this is me people. lol. Loving that tattoo? Yes yes, I love it too! :) Look what I'm wearing! A hanging top. Wooo, can't believe it. Where did I get the guts to wear it? That's new to me and I love it! My new World Balance shoes rock it.

I love the prints on my hanging top from Cruella & Co, and take a look at my skirt details from Sheinside

This is the new released shoe model of World Balance, the Rhapsody! also available in Black/Pink combo. Mine is Purple/Aqua Blue. I just love the color combination.

PS: it's a fake tattoo. :P Got it as a freebie on Candy Mag August issue.

What I wore?

Skirt: Sheinside
Shoes: World Balance
Arm Candies: The Cookie Beads