Sitting Pretty

Saturday, November 30, 2013

" Hello December! You're the last one, so be the best one. "

A cold rainy morning came along as the first day December starts! I am literally needed some help of creativity in my words. My mind can't function well, can't think of anything but to eat some pizza today, go somewhere else with lots of lights, events, go jeans shopping because I seriously need new jeans. So many random thoughts.

As I was browsing my old entries on my blog, looking at my old photos that you can easily tell that I'm new to blogging. I can't really tell you or even to myself that I good at this thing now, but I am still an aspiring fashion blogger. There are times that I want to quit blogging and just focus to my personal life and career but I can't help but be inspired by the blogs that I am reading and now a very successful blogs. Besides I am enjoying taking photos of myself, styling my outfit posts, and etc. I can feel that I am slowly gaining confidence towards myself and inspired to get better, to do great things, and explore.

What I wore?

Top, Shorts, Sunglasses: (Romwe) Shoes: (Mario D' Boro) Necklace: (Rings and Tings)

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