Snapshots (Week 2 of December)

Monday, December 23, 2013

So I don't like using Instagram for now and I don't have time to upload all of these snap shot photos right away so I decided to make a week by week post of all my mobile photos.

Huge ice tea at Kanin Club // Ate that huge mcspicy all by myself! haha

Kanin Club yummy food // Random photo at Ayala Triangle

Lovely Christmas lights after shooting my outfit posts // My new Tumbler! yay

Cabalen food and halo-halo from our Christmas party! forgot to take pic of the yummy mallows and the chocolate fountain, I'm so busy eating. lol

My #ootd last Tuesday for our Christmas party. I don't want to wear uniform and bring extra clothes so this is my not so formal corporate attire for the whole day. ;) We should be wearing blue but they told me that I was wearing green. lol

toiletries (gift) // I drink hot choco of Mcdo in the morning whenever I arrived early in the office.

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