Calm Down

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Comme des fuckdown!

I think I'm going to love wearing beanies from now on. Eh mer gerd! I think it look nice on me? lol
How's your new year so far? is it good? hmmmm, for me, errrr, it's fine but not totally good as I have loads of work to do. I'm so freakin' tired and want to take a rest for one month and come back to the old days where I could sleep whenever I want and totally hooked by my laptop. Well.

This will be my first proper outfit post for 2014 after the previous one. What I'm wearing are mix combinations of everything prints which are the trends for today. Mix of daisies, tiger, and plaid prints. Never thought it will turned out that good, I find it edgy with the help of my beanie and shades too. 

Anyways, I'm back on instagram. I decided to make a new account but with the same username.
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What I wore?

Beanie and Plaid shirt: ( Choies )
Tiger shirt, daisy skirt, accessories & shoes : ( Romwe
Shades: ( Days of June )

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  1. Lovely outfit!

    x Angela