Chinese Apparel

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! Been very busy these past few weeks so I'm not able to post anything on my blog. I hope you're following me on instagram though, I am trying my best to update it and post quality photos! ;) Just in case you wanna follow me, @itsmariahazel is mah username. Haha

Why Chinese Apparel? lol. Seriously, I just thought about that while thinking where did I got my dress and bag which just arrived last week. Not really my intention to wear my wedge which is from the same online shop too at exactly the day of Chinese New Year. It's just that I grabbed the chance of non-working holiday to shoot at least to update my blog. Well, just explaining why. hahaha lol.

Yesterday is such a very wonderful day. 

What I wore?

Dress / Bag / Wedge : ( Mart of China )
Ring: Forever21
Watch: Daniel Wellington