Pastel Blues and Pinks for your Closet

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Pastel blue Prom Shoes ( )

Do you want to get girly and fashionable for this year and put aside your old clothes in your trusty cabinet that you don't really wear that much? 

First things first. Just before going shopping ladies, better check your closet. Pull all of them out and separate those stuff that you would really wear and those that you don't to make enough space for your new tops, jeans, skirts and everything else. I know that would be really tiring but remember you're about to arrange your own stuff, don't you want to make it a little bit personal when it comes to your things?

If you're a teenager that would come off with simple jeans and t-shirt. Uh-oh, I know that inside of you would love to wear that girly stuff that you can see on those teenage girly candy mags. Haller, I've been there and I'm feeling teenager until today. lol Just a tip for my girly readers.

Okay, kidding aside, here are some inspirations for this month's theme! It might be quite late but you can still use these ideas for future events. As you can see, my recommendations are pastel colors in blue and pink, your stepping zone to love looking cute and girly. Enjoy sweethearts!

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