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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Happy Birthday to me! 
Yes yes, February is my birth month. Emergerd, I'm already twenty-one years old though you can't really tell that I'm that old because I'm small, I have a baby face ( lol, forgive me guys ) and I'm childish but not immature. 

Well, I just wish that I can official say to myself the statement, "Welcome to the good life." Of course, I know I can't achieve my dreams that fast but I know, hopefully, someday, I will. I wish, I wish with all my heart a good health for me and my love ones, more blessings and a lot more. Thanks to God for giving me a wonderful life, for helping me to conquer problems, for guiding me until what I become today.

Anyways, here's a dreamy, rosy, girly outfit post which I absolutely love and excited to post today. I had a hard time choosing what should I pair with these lovely flowing lace top. I can't pair with shorts and skirt because it's quite long for me so I decided to wear my black leggings with little stars print on it. I can't find my black velvet leggings, thought plain black would be better but I think this one is good too. 
 Thanks to my lil sis for these amazing photos! Not bad for a thirteen years old girl, right?
Enjoy sweethearts! ♥

What I wore?

Lace Top: ( Cleo-Cat Fashion )
Sunnies & Leggings: Romwe / Boots: Lovely Shoes / Rings: Forever 21

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