Denim Clothing

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

So after weeks of semi-hiatus, here's a post that my blogger or internet connection won't let me upload the photos. After this post, I may not post again til the end of March. Why oh why? Because my camera is still in the Canon service center. Actually, we have already experiencing some problems about it since the first week of the year but I thought, we just overused the cam. Never I thought that this would happen. Suddenly, it can't focus, so I've searched of possible things to do to make the autofocus work again because I ain't pro about camera stuff. Then I gave up, and asked for the assistance of Canon service center, guess what's the problem of my dslr? They said that there's a 'fungus' around the lens? Like whuuuttt? Okay fine, at least it's still covered with warranty service, I just have to wait for two weeks so hopefully, my camera is ready on April! So I can post a lot of outfit posts again and to say hi to summer. :)

Anyways, here's an outfit post that comes with a simple denim on denim pair. I think I saw this kind of outfit too while browsing fashionable women's clothes at Zalora so I pulled off this denim shirt and pants. I think I will forever love floral prints, I don't know, I have this urge when it comes to flower printed clothes, I find it really cute so I decided to wear again my floral corset that compliments the color of my new World Balance topsider shoes. I so love my denim shirt in here, haha it looks like some sort of  a brand's campaign, don't you think? I don't wanna mention brands but I can only think of two! Well, I hope this would help you on styling your outfit too. I think this outfit would look better for college students. Stay fab! :)

What I wore?

Shoes: ( World Balance ) / Corset: ( Choies ) / Denim Blouse: ( Romwe ) / Pants: ( Forever21 )
Watch: ( Daniel Wellington ) /Bag: ( Cosé )