On the Countryside

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Who doesn't love peace on the breezy and quiet spot on the countryside while only listening to the sound of birds humming? I love travelling places with my boyfriend especially to places where there's only few people walking and taking their own tour. We went to BlueRoze farm last Sunday to take outfit shots and also to relax ourselves from stress. I've been there when I was in college but never looked around because we have an activity so when my friend told me that this place is nice for taking pictures, we decided to go here. Unfortunately, we arrived late in the afternoon and the weather isn't cooperating so we took pictures very fast and never got the chance to wander around the whole place. But we'll come back for sure. 

Sunflower and daisy prints are like the trend for spring so be sure to get one for yourself. I've been obsessed with florals but addicted to vintage roses but now sunflower and daisy prints are my thing too! I will definitely save again some money for shopping because my budget for that is now empty due to impulsive shopping last week, buying stuff for my family and bit for myself. That's why I don't want to avail any credit cards because even me, myself, think that it is not advisable for me to get one. Lol.

Happy Sunday everyone. :)

My hair is still not yet colored when we took this pic but I got em colored again today with light brown! Photos soon!

Say hi mister sheep behind me, relaxing birds and smiling ostrich. HAHAHA

What I wore?

Dress: Revolution Nine
Shoes: Romwe
Watch: Daniel Wellington

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  1. Love the photos, so pretty <3

    Lou of, http://steal-thestyle.blogspot.com/