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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

I truly love music since I'm still a kiddo. I love singing, I'm one of the Annebisyosa clan in the Philippines who loves to sing even though we don't have the quality of voice that would please everybody. lol So before I share what kind of music do I listen recently, I want to introduce to you guys my new baby, 
headphones from Urban Ears.

Urban Ears is the first company who has come up with an idea of a washable headphones. Like whut? Washable? How? They're using a removable ear cushions and headbands that you could wash. This version of mine that I have right now is called Humlan. You can detach the ear cushions any time that you like or if you feel like it's dirty and stinky after using it while example; exercising, obviously you'll sweat so hard after listening to your favorite music while you do your workout. Perfect right? And I really have to say this, Urban Ears headphone sound system is really good like nobody can ever disturb you from listening to your music time. You could hear all the music elements of the song that you're listening!

So what's my favorite songs right now? In no particular orders. 
Human by Christina Perri * All of Me by John Legend * Still into You cover by Ashley Gosiengfiao
New Days by Asher Lane * Maybe This Time by Sarah G * She Looks So Perfect by 5 Seconds of Summer * Pure Heroine by Lorde * AND ALL BOYCE AVENUE COVERS. :))

Recommend some good music for me? Comment below.

Love always, Maria Hazel 

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  1. Listen to Mumford and sons (band) current fave right now! Super love the headphones I really love to have one!

    Lou of, steal-thestyle.com