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Saturday, July 5, 2014

I am not one of the girls that are blessed with bright, fair and flawless skin that's why I have to maintain taking care of it especially to my face by taking lots of beauty products. I've discovered that papaya soap are really effective when it comes to whitening your skin tone after I tried using it when I was in second year college.

 I don't want to post any horrifying throwback photos here so let's just say that my face is not that bright and fair way back then. I know, all girls will come to the point that you wanted to look better, that you will be conscious to your skin, to your looks and everything on you that you think would makes you prettier. 

Who doesn't want a pimple-free and fresh-looking  face? There are girls that are so blessed that even though they don't wash their face, or get exhausted to polluted places, they don't get pimples at all. I envy those girls. *sigh But stop wishing it in your dreams, if you know to yourself that you need extra effort to have those, then do it, invest on products that would make you feel satisfied on your skin. 

My friend introduced me to Royal Beauty Kojic Papaya Soap and I've been using it for two weeks now. Personally, since I am using papaya soaps since then, I tried a lot of it with different brands so I can say that kojic papaya by Royale Beauty is effective too. It moisturizes and helps me maintain my face right now. Thanks Mikara for the soap. :)

( My make-up free face )
My face is sensitive from the heat of the sun and also, when I don't wash my face before going to sleep. There are times that I just wash my face with water only after a very exhausting day, I thought it was okay but I realize that every time I skip using soap, I always have a pimple on my face. That's why I always try to find time to keep my face pimple-free by using papaya soap from Royal Beauty, Kojie-San Cleanser/Toner and my Pond's cream that I've been using since college days. Personally, it really helps moisturizing my face. 
When it comes to moisturizing cream, I think it also depends on the hiyang-factor because we have different types of skin, so don't get tired trying and seeking for the perfect cream for your face. 

My recent discovery that I also find effective is the PureDerm spot reducer patches that for me is preventing pimples to pop out and right now I'm using Clear Smooth Maybelline BB Stick every time I go to somewhere else. That's all I can share with you guys! I hope you find this post informative too. 

Love always, Maria Hazel