Unboxing my Salad Box X Regatta May 2014

Saturday, May 31, 2014

In partnership of Regatta with Salad Box this month of May, take a look what's inside it! Obviously, it's all about necessities for your body and protection buddies from the heat of the sun. This isn't my first salad box, I have received one, when Salad Box is just starting to grow in the market.

To review what is SaladBox, here's a quick description. SaladBox is a monthly mystery box subscription service--you'll never know what you're gonna get. Exciting right? Your box will be filled with deluxe samples of beauty and lifestyle products that will surely fit your everyday needs that will be base on your beauty profile. If you want to know more of SaladBox, type www.saladbox.com.ph on your browser and hit enter!

My favorite is the limited eau de toilette that serves as their 25th anniversary gift to everybody. I love the scent so much, my kind of fragrance that I could wear all day long. Along with my fave, are chocolate and apple lip balm with sun screen protection, sun block spray with spf 70, a cute little mirror and a little tester fragrance for men ( not on photos ) exclusively from Regatta X Saladbox.

Again, thank you Salad Box and Regatta
Love, Maria Hazel

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  1. The sunblock has got to be my fave from this box. been using it religiously and i will finish my blog post about it this week. this uses combination of physical and chemical sunscreen agent.
    anyway, i love regatta and glad this box came with regatta goodies!