June Daisies

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Starting this blog post with a very tumblr-ish photo taken by my sister.

Oh June! time flies so fast and we're already done with the first half of the year. Did you already achieve something? I don't know but I have this something inside me that I want to achieve this year or I'm not satisfied of what I have right now. Maybe because I'm working already, and it really consuming too much of my time that leads to forgetting to pamper myself, have a good conversation with my family, enjoy my rest day, update this blog and all. I am planning to have a vacation on September so I'm saving up money but I realize I have to think of other plans too. I think I don't have to focus myself on one particular goal, instead I should make goals, a lot, so that I'll have time for myself to stress out of work.

What I've been doing lately aside from working on papers at the office, I'm currently on a major clean up of my closet. So if you guys interested, I'm posting the items on my Instagram @itsmariahazel. Some stuff that I've been selling are used once, or not used at all, worn only for a couple of minutes for an outfit shoot. :)

Anyways, here's a back to school outfit for students out there. Enjoy!

What I wore?
Denim jacket: Regatta / Boots: Lovelyshoes
Daisy Dress: @fashionfindsmnl / Watch: Daniel Wellington
Mulberry inspired bag: @shoppeunli

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