Creepers Keeper

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

I never thought that I will keep such a chunky looking shoes on my closet.
This is just one of my girly dream to try this kind of shoes, so I officially declare myself a "creepers keeper". Lol Aaaahhhh, I had a hard time searching for a dress, a short, and top to give justice to this lovely piece. You see, this isn't really my style, I am more on experimenting, more on outfit inspiration, so you won't really see a consistent style on my outfit posts, though, I would definitely tell you if it's really my theme. Sometimes, it depends on your mood too right? So if you feel laid back and rebellious is your thing for a day, you may want to look so funky looking bad ass chic, so why don't you try this grunge outfit? Also, I'm showing you my smiling face with braces rocking on, that I am really really conscious right now whenever I take outfit shots, so you rarely see me smiling sweetly by now.

Anyways, special thanks to for my adorable floral creepers.
Go check 'em out! They have loads of adorable stuff.

Love always,
Maria Hazel

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