The Pink Boots Travels: Soon

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Just a few more days and I'm flying somewhere specifically in paradise. I cannot hide my excitement anymore. I've been mentioning from my old posts that I seriously need a vacation escapade from the stressful work, personal problems, etc and my sweet relaxation will be happening next week! 

I should have saved this outfit for outdoor shots but I already planned another outfit to match my beautiful pink boots and heart-shaped sunglasses, yet another lovely gift I received from The order came after one week of the purchase date, so I thank them a lot that I got these lovely items before I leave. So many items that have been waiting for you on their online shop, so visit to find out more! Again, thanks banggood! You sure got a lot of bang bang good finds! haha.

And, oh, stay tune on my instagram posts for the upcoming days. I'll make sure I'll spam your feed with gorgeous paradise photos. IG: @itsmariahazel :)

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Love always,
Maria Hazel

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