My Kind of Fall Winter Edition

Monday, November 24, 2014

Warning: I will surely posting tons of photos on this blog entry 
because I seriously love the whole look of this outfit!

My sister and I, adding the participation of my brother too, took these photos last Sunday. While everyone are so busy watching the fight of the boxing champion, Manny Pacquio (well congratulations Pacman, you did it again!), we grab the chance to take outfit shots outdoors. I decided to buy a new pants because the old ones doesn't fit anymore. Lol. I just need a break from skirts so I could move freely without any hassle because I'm kinda frisky most of the times.

December is coming so I bet 'tis the perfect time to pull out your sweaters from your closet and enjoy the cold breezy air. Arrgggh! I'm so excited for my thirteenth month pay. Haha! Anyways, I love how I style my new ripped black pants, hoping you like it as much as I do. I got this outfit inspiration from the photos I've seen on some fall winter collection of famous clothing brands from the recent Philippine Fashion Week. 

Eeep, I will do my best to visit the Bloggers United 8 Bazaar at White Space Makati this December,  I'm so excited to shop in there and take a selfie with top fashion bloggers! Are you coming too?

( Don't get tired scrolling down until you hit the bottom! Enjoy the post! )

Love always,
Maria Hazel

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