Sexy Back

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Finally got a low back top after drooling for months looking on Instagram shops.
I should have bought them way back then but that online shop owner is ridiculously not a good seller! I won't spill a name but here's the short story. Me and my friends decided to buy on that online shop because they offer really nice clothes in a very cheap price, but here's the flaw of a shop that is slowly getting bigger, they became so arrogant. It's like, "I will only entertain you when you're a sure buyer". Like duh? We are the customers here, you should be polite to those who needs assistance. So we already chose what to get, we make sure that all of it are available, and sent our order form. And the seller confirmed that the items are available and we assumed, that they're already reserved! But when I am asking for the total of our purchase, after the day we sent the form, she told me that this and that item is already sold out because others buyers have paid first before us. They don't even care even though, we have already sent an order form and got the items reserved, I didn't even get a sorry? I am not really impressed to those kind of people who are getting big but so arrogant! Phew, can you feel that I am still pissed about it? Haha, Anyways, that was months ago so I've moved on now.

So I got this lowback top from @zoescloset on IG, I got four lowbacks, one pineapple top and loose floral shirt. They're really really cheap when you bought them on a bazaar compared to the price they declared on Instagram. I went in Trend Setter's Bazzar last month to get my WD My Cloud that I won on their IG contest. Yieee, lucky me! Anyways, just a tip when wearing lowbacks, do ponytail your hair or make it clean with a bun because I experienced itchiness on my back because of my very unhealthy hair. That's it! Hope you like my outfit that I wore on my last Saturday duty.

Much Love from me and my tan skin,
Maria Hazel


  1. Sorry to hear you had a bad experience with an online seller. But this outfit rocks! I love it.

    1. Thanks Em! Real world, we just have to deal with different kinds of people. :)

  2. I like your Skirt Sis. so Cute! perfect match for your style. I love the way you do! Keep it up and inspire more! <3