How to lose weight and go back in shape

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

So before I would share to you on how did I lose weight, let me just remind you that I am naturally petite (when I was young and before I became fat). I can’t explain further if it really affects the weight reduction because I am no pro regarding this topic, either I did not hire a professional trainer to help me on this. I cannot guarantee you that what will I share to you will be 100% effective. Why did I say so? Because I weighed 48kgs before I went back to 40kgs. If you’re above 50kgs, the time span that you need to dedicate in order to achieve the body that you want may take longer and double the effort. Patience is a virtue, you need loads of patience set on your mind and sincere dedication in your heart.

To add on my disclaimer, I don’t have a Victoria Secret Angel body. I’m just sharing on how did I lose weight but that doesn’t mean that my stomach have abs nor my booty’s hot wiggling. NO! Absolutely not! Are we clear? Because if you’re searching for a hot bikini-ready body, quit reading. 

To prove you that I did lose weight, here’s my before and after photo. It took me 2-3 months to achieve the after photo.

So here’s my routine:

Exercise: 40 crunches, 40 leg raises, 40 sit-ups
Breakfast: Light
Lunch: Light
Dinner: Very Light

Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner Menu:

1. Oatmeal/Cereals

No big deal for this one because I personally love oatmeal. Quaker Oats is my favorite brand. It’s fine to put some sugar but not too much. You may pour some cocoa power, powdered milk or whatever do you want that would make your oatmeal experience not too boring.

2. Bread 

Yes, plain bread. Two slices only. Remember, you’re on a diet. I quit eating bread with scrambled eggs (which I really loved! I eat them every single day) because I had an allergy and the doctor said that I over-dozed on eggs . You may put some mayonnaise, but please, choose the plain ones.

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3. Fruits 

Sometimes, I grab ready-to-eat mixed fruits at the convenience store. I love frozen grapes too. I bet frozen strawberries are so delicious too. Every time I try to get one, it’s always out of stock or not fresh anymore.

4. Vegetable Salad

Uh-huh! My favorite! My favorite mix are lettuce, cucumber, ripe mango, cauliflower, tomatoes, a little bit of corn, add some mayonnaise and you’re ready!

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5. Water 

Drink loads of water! It can make you feel you’re full already without eating too much. Avoid softdrinks, it will make your stomach bloated in an instant!

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The exercise that I stated above are the only routine that I am doing every morning. I do the crunches, leg raises, and sit-ups on my bed only. As much as I would like to take exercises on a gym, I don’t have time spending an hour every day for a good sweat due to my work schedule and the distance of the gym from our place. If you have extra money, you may buy some equipment for home-exercise but I think that would cost me too much, so I’ll stick with my bed. 

CHEAT DAY! Oh yes, before I end up my post, don’t you ever starve yourself. You can have your own cheat day once a week. Eat rice if you want but don’t forget you’re still on a diet. Do not eat a good-for-one-week heavy food in just one day! 

Always remember, if you really want to lose weight and go back in shape, discipline is a major thing that you should put on your mind. Also, if you don’t work your ass off, don’t ever complain to yourself why you still have those fats every time you look on a mirror. I assure you, as soon as you can see some progress, it’ll make you happy. And if one day, you finally did it and see the result, you’ll be proud of yourself and appreciate all the diet days. It’s all worth it! Keyword: Discipline.

Have fun and goodluck!

Love Always,
Maria Hazel

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