Styling the Basic Trend

Monday, September 21, 2015

You will never go wrong with the basics.

They said, wear the basics if you felt like your inner fashion stylist isn’t working at the moment. But
fancy girls would never like a plain boring tasteless #ootd shot on their Instagram. It’s like working on a ‘no makeup’ make up process. You would want to look like you don’t give a minute thinking what to wear, when honestly you pulled out tons of your clothes thinking what to pair.

Black and white are the trendy colors that you could easily pair for a basic look. A white Topshop crop top, ripped black pants, a white Converse sneakers or a black H&M boots are the most paired and will never gets boring perfect combination if you would want to achieve the basic chic look. This is the most common easy look that all trendsetters and followers are spreading all over the hashtags ootd. Check out this outfit inspiration from Kristina Bazan.

So aside from being a trend follower, why won’t we tweak the basic a little bit. The basic trend doesn’t really mean that it’ll be always be the black and white movement. You may also pick other colors such as pastel pink or a little pumpkin spice color that would definitely look perfect for this upcoming fall season. The trick was keeping it minimal yet on fleek. 

If you would like to rock the basic trend this weekend without the effort of shopping. Make sure you check all these things on your wardrobe. I am pretty sure you all got these stuff, you just need a little creativity!

  • White Shirt
  • Old Jeans
  • Classic Sneakers
  • Totebag/Backpack
  • Shades
A white or black shirt is really nice and comfy to wear. Loose or fit? Whatever you’re comfortable wearing. The goal is comfortable basic trend outfit.

We always have the old jeans that we don’t feel like wearing anymore, so why don’t you ripped it instead of buying new expensive ripped jeans? A little Google or Youtube help on how to DIY ripped jeans project is just a few clicks away on your browser.

Classic Sneakers. Oh come on, Converse, Nike, Vans and Keds are just a few popular options, then kiss your mom every time you ask and go shopping for a new pair of shoes for your PE class. Admit it or not, if you’re a not too sporty type of girl, you will go for thick rubber shoes, instead you'll pick a white chucks or etc for your PE class.

Backpack. I’ve seen this Chanel backpack from Chiara Ferragni. My eyes went bigger when I saw the price of the bag. So I am recommending you some trustworthy and also stylish brands yet way more affordable backpack such as Jansport and Heartstrings. Heartstrings have cute and beautiful variety of designs But if you would like to go for basic look bag accessory, maybe you should go for Jansport, I’ve known this bag since I was a little and personally I think that this brand would last longer that the other brands.

Shades. If you don’t own an expensive Rayban like me, why don’t you try Sunnies Studios owned by the beautiful current Asia’s Next Top Model host, Georgina Wilson. Honestly, I am very impressed on how this brand grew larger internationally in a short period of time. And if you’re asking if it’s nice, yes it is and it’s really cheap!

And voila! You got the basic trend on a very easy and cheap way. You don’t need to always shop and splurge to achieve a new rockin’ outfit, just a few tweaks and creativity always helps!

Love Always,
Maria Hazel

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